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    Selected programs that provide unique international experience and knowledge.

MSc. in Finance - Sorbonne Business School

A unique program from the prestigious Sorbonne Business School with lectures in France and abroad (Ibmec).

Luxury Management & Innovation - IIE

    Paris IIE
  • Where: Paris.
  • Type: For professionals | Post-Graduate level

A unique opportunity to attend seminars with renowned international professionals in the world capital of luxury.

Executive DBA - University of Bordeaux | IAE

One of the best European Professional Doctorates with English seminars abroad and a Fast-Track (2 weeks) in Bordeaux, France.

Health Sector PM - Hosp Albert Eisntein

In order to offer a outstanding level of service in the health sector needs to learn how to excell managing projects at hospital, clinics, etc. This an unparalleled program for those who wish to become master the management practices at the Health Sector.

Project Management - Post Graduate Program

The best Project Management program in Latin America.

Masters Program in
International Business & Marketing

A Master Degree with lectures abroad and a Fast-Track in Angers with professionals and professional with a vast international Marketing experience.