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International PhD


International PhD
University of Paris

Program in English
with Doctoral seminars with Global IIE Consortium


A multidisciplinary program, in English, with doctoral seminars worldwide.


An International PhD in a unique format:
A multidisciplinary program, in English, with doctoral seminars worldwide.

You have the opportunity to get a PhD Degree with a unique experience of participating in advanced International Seminars with IIE and the University of Paris, France. A program aimed at an international audience done with prestigious institutions with local and worldwide modules.

International Seminars with a Global reach 

The program let PhD access a rich intellectual and cultural environment that coes beyond the campus. International seminars occurs in a unique settings so every PhD student can  work closely with top faculty in a multidisciplinary way.


PhD students doesn't need to live in France to participate in this program. As many of the knowledge is available Worldwide, PhD students are encourage to find knowledge globally,

"Fast-Track" Intensive Seminars in Europe

There are a set of one week intensive seminars in Europe that PhD students are required to attend.

In English, French, Portuguese or Spanish,

With a unique perspective and language options..


One of the most prestigious 
institutions in the World.

The University of Paris, was found in 1150 and following the May 1968 events, the university was split into 13 Public Universities of Paris. Following the post-1968 the University of Paris started to reorganize themselves.

Them the University Paris Lumières was reorganized. Today, the UPL regroups the CNRS (most important and largest research institution in the World), the Universities Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, the Université Paris Lumières, along with the other thirteen notorious Parisian Colleges and Institutions (École nationale supérieure, the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (Ina), the Maison des Cultures du Monde, the Museum of Quai Branly, ect.) The program is done in cooperation with the IIE network around the World.


A PhD for a Global Audience

International PhD programs have been formatted in a way that has become only local, often restricted to one type of viewpoint, and at the end of it, Doctorate students are uninspired! You can discover in a program in which intensity greater than you may have thought.

In this international poo- PhD program, you can focus on topics that matter, count on cutting-edge research development and work on a collaborative multidisciplinary  environment. The challenges of a rigorous research is enhanced by the design of the program that lets you to explore novel ideas, need to understand todays' complex world, finding knowledge and / or practical solutions.

Inspiring-Design-Driven Doctoral Seminars

Gain valuable knowledge is not only done through articles, books and experiments. It is also done through experience, peers and real faculty exchanges. The environment is also part of the design of the program, the external settings, can favor the exploration of what is being researched.

These are not regular limited seminars. The design helps every PhD student to pursue they research agendas challenging the inner related circle of knowledge by learning form other fields.

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Prestigious Degree

A diploma from the University of Paris.

Practical Focus

The  focuses on real issues with practical outcomes and knowledge. 

A dynamic International Group

The seats are limited which allows the formation of cooperative atmosphere among the professionals. This helps to builds up motivation in exploring one's topic of interest from the beginning to the end.

Experienced Professors

The lectures and seminars are given by a mix of professors from around the World. This allows to see the important interlink between theory and practice in different environments.


A unique experience

A concentrated approach experience

so PhD students can benefit the most from their time in the program


A Multidisciplinary Doctorate Program

International PhD 
Fields of Study

You can explore topics on International Business and Social Sciences. Below are some fields of studies possible.

Please notice that seats are very limited.

Business & Management

• Accounting • Economic Analysis & Policy • Finance • Marketing •  Information & Digital Technology • Management • HR.

Social Sciences

• Demography | Smart Cities • Educational Sciences • History
• International relations • Linguistics • Neurology • Political Sciences  •  Psychology  • Sexuality • Sociology. 


Dissertation Process Structure

Sample only

  • Local Seminars & Lectures
  • Intensive "Fast-Track" in Europe
  • Thesis Dissertation Defense
  • Conclusion | Diploma
  • Sample Process


    Dissertation Process

    Year 1- Defining Topic
    Defining a topic for doctoral dissertation that addresses an issue, concept, or problem to be researched. Then, once defined, the Doctorate student will describe the design of the doctoral dissertation research. 

    Year 2- Dissertation Development
    Following the dissertation topic approval, the second year is dedicated to the development and writing of basis of the research.

    Year 3- Dissertation Presentation
    After writing the conceptual framework and the findings of the research, it is time to submit the dissertation work and present it to a board of professors.

    Sample only

Dr. Farid El Massioui
PhD Scientific Director
Jorge Cardoso
PhD MSys Director


In order to join this International Master Program you will need to provide the following documents:

Your Research Proposal


Your CV in English.


Copy of your passport.

 Valid passport ID.

Copy of your Diploma

Copy of your Bacherlor's Degree.

Copy of your Post-Graduate Transcripts

MBA or equivalent.

Proof of English proficiency

TOEIC: min. 750.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

University Enrollment form

(Need to provide  at later stage). 

Photo ID

3cm x 4cm with white background / passport format.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

Proof of Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance valid for the European Community.
(Need to provide at later stage).

How can I apply?


Send your research proposal

Information about what is expected / required on your research proposal (max. 8 pages).
Your proposal must have:
(1) Your personal information;
(2) Field of Study:
(3) Introduction;
(4) Aims and objectives
(Significancy and Research Questions);
(5). Literature Review;
(6). Methodology;
(7).Expected Outcomes;
(8)- Bibliography.

You can send to contact@iie.global


If accepted, interview will be scheduled

If your initial application is accepted, we will schedule an interview over Skype. 


Submit your
online application

If initial project and interview have a positive review, you will be invited to apply online. You will have to submit :
- personal and contact information;
- a CV (in English);
-upload a scanned copy of your Diploma, and;
- a copy of your passport.
- photo ID



If your application with all document submission is successful, you will be able to join the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live the 3 years of the program in Paris, France?

No, you need to attend the required international Seminars which includes a one week intensive week / year in France.

When and how tutoring meeting occurs?

They occur in three ways: locally at your home country (depending on the IIE Seminars presence) as professors from the pool of institutions travel abroad and collaborate together, in France, during the intensive seminars and on  one-to-one meetings, and of course, online, through the use of modern technologies (Skype, whatsapp, googledocs, etc).

Am I enrolled at the University at Paris as well?

Yes. You can be enrolled locally, follow the doctoral seminars provided by the IIE Consortium and be annually enrolled at the University of Paris as a PhD student. Each institution has a different attribution and they collaborate together to promote this unique format,

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Yes. All seminars are taught in English.

Do I need to provide any type of proof of proficiency  English?

Yes. A TOEIC certificate with a minimum of 750 points
is requested.

Is there a cafeteria at the University?

Yes. At the University there is a Cafeteria where you can take your lunch. Light meals and snacks are available.