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Master in Business Administration with emphasis in Innovation Management

You have the opportunity to get a unique experience studying in the top ranked and prestigious International Professional Master in  Business Administration at the IAE of the University of Bordeaux
with local modules at home and a "Fast-Track" module during one month in France.

A Global Program with local courses 

Program in Brazil and 1 month in Europe from the Université of Bordeaux | IIE and with credit optimization with selected Post-Graduate program from PUC-Minas and UFRJ.

Program in English

Lectures are taught in English.
The program is also available entirely in French and Spanish.

Adapted to professional life

Local courses are usually on 1-2 Saturdays a month / on extended holiday weekends.

"Fast-Track" in France

You will spend about 4 weeks in an intensive set of lectures and seminars in France at the University of Bordeaux.

Advanced modules of innovation management.


The best of Corporate Management & Innovation:

Because creating something is just the beginning. 

This Master program has been designed to meet today’s business knowledge requirements in a globally competitive field with knowledge based on real world experienced, to mature and interact with other globally minded professionals. The focus is the give the managerial knowledge for the best decision making possible, getting a sound basis on how to create value, how the corporate finance works, and how to market and manage innovation. This is a unique program that brings all the different aspects of business together and show how they can best work following integrated strategy.

 Master in Corporate Finance - University of Bordeaux

University of Bordeaux's
Business School (IAE)

University of Bordeaux Business School (part of IAE - 425,000 graduates since 1955) is recognized for its high-level teaching in management and for the quality of its research. The Business School has more than 50 full-time professors, 39 researchers, and more than 300 professionals working there. The IAE is located in a modern building and is only about 10 minutes from downtown. 

Prestigious Degree

A diploma from the University of Bordeaux.

Practical Focus

The MSc. focuses on real managerial issues with practical outcomes and knowledge. 

A dynamic International Group

The Msc's seats are limited which allows the formation of cooperative atmosphere among the professionals. This helps to builds up motivation in exploring one's topic of interest from the beginning to the end.

Professors and Professionals

The lectures and seminars are given by a mix of professors and professionals. This allows to see the important interlink between theory and practice.

Consortium's international partners:


The University of Bordeaux

Ranked among the top universities in France, the University of Bordeaux is renowned for the quality of its academic courses and research. The University of Bordeaux welcomes over 50,000 students and nearly 6,000 staff members.

Bordeaux ia a city renowned for many good things: listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage, it was described as "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble”, has been ranked the number #1 city in France for quality of life, and last but not least, is the wine capital of the world.

City of Bordeaux


Who will I learn from?

IAE - University of Bordeaux

Faculty members are from highly experienced professional horizons and engaged in rigorous academic research on a wide range of business-related subjects. Some faculty members come from an international professional field to share their experiences as well their theoretical knowledge. The core courses are taught through mainly lectures.

You are encouraged to ask questions so the lectures can be highly interactive. You will also be recommended prior and further readings to consolidate your learning. The program will require you to participate in collaborative learning environment.

Program Content

Below is the description of the seminars and courses.
IIE* | IAE -University of Bordeaux

Local Entrepreneurship & International Innovative Founding

Today’s World has never been as dynamic with great potential for implementing new projects. This module enables to get in touch with the most innovative forms of innovative project financing.

Communication and Marketing for entrepreneurs

It doesn’t matter how great or solid the project (product or service) is, if the communication is not successfully done, changes of succeeding are slim. With today’s neuro scientific knowledge, this module presents very practical content on how to get the message through and important aspects on advertising.

Innovation Management for entrepreneurs

Innovation has very little to do with innovation management. Innovation being only the first step, the real and exciting challenges comes with the management of the innovation, which is an art of itself, where companies need to be prepared.

Business Model & Innovation

Professionals are presented the methodology oriented to mega projects, with application of cases that create skills and abilities to verify, understand and act under the various phases of an investment project.

Innovation & Project Portfolio Management

How to deploy the organization's strategy to execution and final delivery is a major challenge. This course goes through every step of strategy definition, and how to develop policies and criteria for selecting, implementing and monitoring projects with a view to delivering value to the organizational strategy.

Managing Integrated Project

It aims to give a general overview of the life cycle of a project, integrating the strategy, people and tools needed for the planning, execution, monitoring and final delivery of the project product, with a focus on customer / project sponsor satisfaction.

Business Game

Business game simulation.

Thesis Dissertation



This course will help students to understand the issues surrounding implementation, control and coordination of marketing programs that have a global scope, how to be sensitive to economic, political and cultural differences among nations, and learn methods of identifying and evaluating opportunities in the global market. Students will be able to understand the consequences of making decisions to enter foreign market; develop marketing plans in such markets and to explain the most important determinants for the internationalization.

Investment & Portfolio Management

This course seeks to present Investment & Portfolio Management as an application of a set of simple core ideas. At the heart of the course is the principle of the absence of arbitrage opportunities or law of one price. The major components are:
• Risk management & Portfolio theory
• Valuation models for Investment decisions
• Portfolio opportunities & choice
• Asset pricing models.

Risk Management

The aim of the course is to help participants to increase their awareness and understanding of risk management, so that they better contribute to the financial performance of their firm. They will be able to play a more significant role in an organization’s risk management process, to produce information and implement controls that contribute to the effective management of risk in their business units, and especially in a financial department.

Project Management and Information Systems

This course highlight how the practice of each field of management is influenced by the availability and use of information. Students will be able to understand the issues involved in the design and use of information systems in organizations.

Business & Strategic

An introduction course about all the activities that are linked with procurement in companies operating in the international environment. Overview of various concepts dealing with supply chain management and the use of products and services by companies. The main goal of the course is to emphasize on the on-going integration of the purchasing function in the strategic planning of companies as well as its collaborative aspect with suppliers.

Operations & Logistics Management

This course will help students to understand the tools used in international trade in order to be effective during the negotiation with suppliers or customers. The learning objectives are: 1.Choosing the appropriate Incoterm for negotiation; 2.How to organize an international shipment & work out the associated costs (airfreight, sea freight...); 3.How to select the method of payment for international trade; and 4.Introduction to Customs Procedures.

Decision-making and Corporate Finance

This course gives an introduction to corporate financial decision-making. examining the relationships between corporate finance and human behavior and management. Students will learn how to use financial decision making techniques.

Cost Accounting and Control Systems

The course aims to examine how cost accounting and control systems support enterprises in the achievement of their goals. The learning objectives are: Gain practical experience of cost accounting techniques; Understand the importance of cost accounting in decision making; Examine different control systems and performance and consider the future requirements from cost accounting.

Economic Environment

The course aims to develop students understanding of the International Economic and Business Environment so that they can better assess its impact on enterprises and their operations. The objective is to provide an insight in the economic developments that are changing the European market place today

Business Law

This in-depth introduction to Business law should enable students to feel confident when approaching a Business Law subject as unfamiliar and complex as Contract Law. The exposure to this subject will broaden students' "horizons" and enable them to understand major contractual issues, as well as to develop the legal reasoning required for future decision makers. At the end of the course students will be expected to have a reasonable grasp of the different areas of Contract Law taught throughout the course and be able to apply them to the business world. The student should also be able to identify the various legal rules which may be "tapped into" the work place and from a managerial perspective.

Financial Accounting

The course aims to examine the limitations and challenges in producing financial accounts. The learning objectives are: Understand the role and nature of financial accounting; Appreciate the ramifications for Financial Statement Analysis; Gain a practical application of accounting standards; Understand the implications for management control and consider the future of reporting to stakeholders.

Financial Statements Analysis

This is a course for understanding the business language provided in financial statements by international companies like Europeans or US entities, particularly for listed companies in financial stock markets. This course presents a panorama of the financial information provided by International Financial Reporting Standards and the US GAAP. It focuses on the financial analysis with study of different ratios and statements. The final objective is to understand and to interpret the financial performance and the situation of globalized firms. The financial analysis is beyond the accounting and strategic aspects: the non-financial criteria are taken into account as indicators of communication, governance principles or off balance sheet items like securitization.

Program Structure

Here is how the program works

  • Local Seminars & Lectures
  • Intensive "Fast-Track" in Europe
  • Thesis Dissertation
  • Conclusion | Diploma

Local seminars & lectures

You have a series of seminars on Innovation Management and lectures locally through out the year with also Professors from the University of Bordeaux. 

4 weeks in Europe

Than you have a series of intensive seminars and lectures in France. All lectures are in English.

Professional Thesis Dissertation

A professional thesis thesis dissertation is expected at the end of the program.

MSc. Diploma

Upon successful completion of the program. You receive 6-12 months later your Master Diploma.

  • Sample Timeline


    "Fast-Track" format in English

    In the "Fast-Track" Master's format all courses are in English and occur, in a four weeks period of time with a series of intensive seminars.

    To successfully complete the program, in addition to completing the seminars, students must submit at the end a Thesis Professional Master Dissertation.

    Sample calendar only


In order to join this International Master Program you will need to provide the following documents:

Your CV in English.


Copy of your passport.

 Valid passport ID.

Copy of your Diploma

Copy of your Bacherlor's Degree.

Copy of your Post-Graduate Transcripts

MBA or equivalent.

English proficiency

A proof of English proficiency may be required
TOEIC: min. 750.

University Enrollment form

(Need to provide  at later stage). 

Photo ID

3cm x 4cm with white background / passport format.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

Proof of Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance valid for the European Community.
(Need to provide at later stage).

What are the requirements and how do I apply?


Check the requirements

You must have:
- A bachelors degree (4 years or more)
- Be fluent in English
- Post-Graduate Certificate from IIE | Consortium Partners.
- Be able to travel to France for at least four weeks.


Submit your
online application

You can apply online. You will have to submit :
- personal and contact information;
- a CV (in English);
-upload a scanned copy of your Diploma, and;
- a copy of your passport. 
- photo ID


Schedule an interview

If your initial application is accepted, we will schedule an interview over Skype. If you are part of a University partner of the IIE Consortium that organizes the interview locally, you will be contacted by the local coordinator.



If your application is successful, you will be able to join the Master's program.


Local courses optimized
with your schedule

Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

The business administration lectures are taught at Rio de Janeiro mainly on Saturdays and extended Holiday weekends.

Petrópolis - Brazil

Seminars on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management are taught at Petrópolis mainly on Saturdays and extended Holiday weekends.


Fee can be also be paid in six installments of € 1.500, every 4 months.



The "Fast-Track" format Master program requires a minimum of 4 weeks presence in Europe for a series of intensive lectures and seminars.

MSc. Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Master Diploma from the University of Bordeaux

Yes, this is a full European Master Degree from the University of Bordeaux.

Where can I stay at Bordeaux

Most international students coming for a short stay at the University find accommodation through websites like AirBnb (, which offers several options usually located in or around the city center. Some, however, opt to rent privately, or find a hotel more suitable to live in.  

How far is Bordeaux from Paris?

Bordeaux is only 2 hours by train from Paris.
The Faculty of Business is only 15 minutes by tramway from the Train Station and 15 minutes walk from downtown.

Do you have any type of scholarships?

No. Programs in English are not subsided by the French state.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Yes. All courses are taught by professors or professionals in English.

Do I need to provide any type of proof of proficiency  English?

Yes. A TOEIC certificate with a minimum of 750 points
is requested.

Is there a cafeteria at the University?

Yes. At the University there is a Cafeteria where you can take your lunch. Light meals and snacks are available.


Professional Master in Business

IAE Université de Bordeaux

Program in English