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Prestigious Degree

A European Master Degree from the prestigious University of Angers, France.

Up-to-date International Business Master

Advanced knowledge, insights, and new business practices and for industry experts.

University of Angers' History

Founded in 1337

Number of students


Professors & Staff



A Master in International Business 
in sync with today's global dynamic environment.

You have the opportunity to get a unique experience studying in the top ranked and prestigious International Professional Master in Management and International Business at the University of Angers, France, in a program aimed at an international audience.

A Global Program with local courses 

Program in Brazil and 1 month in Europe from the Université of Angers | IIE and with credit optimization with selected Post-Graduate program from  UFRJ and other partners.

Adapted to professional life

Local courses are usually on 1-2 Saturdays a month / on extended holiday weekends.

"Fast-Track" in France

You will spend about 3 weeks in an intensive set of lectures and seminars in France at the University of Angers.

Lectures in English

Lectures are taught in English.


Faculty of Business, Economics and Law of the University of Angers

The Faculty of Law, Business and Economics of the University of Angers has more than 3.000 students. Each student has the opportunity to have an individualized approach to his study. The University is one of the Europe’s most dynamics and open to the society and business environment.


A Global MSc. Program 
University of Angers|France

The Université of Angers is located in the city of Angers, at the heart of France, and only 2h from Paris. in an exceptionally rich historical, cultural and heritage environment. It is also the location famous for its wine, castles and dynamic University and student life.

This is one of the oldest European Universities with more than 600 years old. The School of Higher Education of Angers officially became an University in 1337. Today it has more than 400 Diplomas and around 22 000 students in a Campus that has more than 160 000 m.

Prestigious Degree

A diploma from the University of Angers.

Practical Focus

The MSc. focuses on real managerial issues with practical outcomes and knowledge. 

A dynamic International Group

The Msc's seats are limited which allows the formation of cooperative atmosphere among the professionals. This helps to builds up motivation in exploring one's topic of interest from the beginning to the end.

Professors and Professionals

The lectures and seminars are given by a mix of professors and professionals. This allows to see the important interlink between theory and practice.

A modern University with a lot of tradition,
rich in knowledge and cultural exchanges.


Turning knowledge
into action

This Master helps you to acquire a set of management skills and multi-disciplinary knowledge that truly helps you to expand your capabilities.





A library that is open until late

Bibliothèque Saint Serge - University of Angers

Situated right next to the Faculty of Business Administration, the Bibliothèque Saint Serge is one of the modern libraries at the University.

The library is a "meeting point" of the students and it is open most days until 22h30.



Despite being on a almost 700 years-old University, the facilities of the University of Angers are very modern and helps to create a very pleasant experience for learning.

Its location also favors student's mobility as it is conveniently located. It is just a few minutes walk from the beautiful city center and 15 minutes by tramway from the Rail Station.

Faculty of Business Administration
University of Angers

Program Content

Below is the description of the seminars and courses.
IIE | University of Angers

There are 2 path on the Master with a choice of sets of seminars and lectures listed below that students can pick, one with emphasis in
(1) International Business and Marketing and the other on
(2) Corporate Finance and Management.

(1) -> International Environment

1- International Business Law
2- International Management : analysis and practices
3- International Negotiation 

Transversal Competencies 

-4 Cross Cultural Business
5-Organization theories and Behaviors
6- Supply Chain Management
7- International Means of Payment
8- International Communication 

Marketing and International Trade

9- E-Marketing
10- New tendencies in Marketing
11- International Consumer Behavior

International Competences

12- International Purchasing
13- Product Management Managing
14- International Channels 

(2) -> International Environment and Management

1- International Business Law
2- Performance Management
3- Project Management and Information System

International Finance

4- Corporate Valuation Methods
5- Control System Management
6- Supply Chain Management
7- Advanced Corporate Finance
8- Cash Management
9- Exchange Risk Management

Financial Environment and Accounting

10- International Finance Business Game
11- Accounting
12- International Accounting

Research Methods and Seminars

13- Research Methods
14- International Seminars
15- Conferences

Program Structure

Here is how the program works

  • Local Seminars & Lectures
  • Intensive "Fast-Track" in Europe
  • Thesis Dissertation
  • Conclusion | Diploma

Local seminars & lectures

You have a series of seminars and lectures locally through out the year with also Professors from the University of Angers. 

Around 3-4 weeks in Europe

Than you have a series of intensive seminars and lectures in France. All lectures are in English.

Professional Thesis Dissertation

A professional thesis thesis dissertation is expected at the end of the program.

MSc. Diploma

Upon successful completion of the program. You receive 6-12 months later your Master Diploma.

  • Sample Timeline


    "Fast-Track" format in English

    In the "Fast-Track" Master's format all courses are in English and occur, in a four weeks period of time with a series of intensive seminars.

    To successfully complete the program, in addition to completing the seminars, students must submit at the end a Thesis Professional Master Dissertation.

    Sample calendar only


In order to join this International Master Program you will need to provide the following documents:

Your CV in English.


Copy of your passport.

 Valid passport ID.

Copy of your Diploma

Copy of your Bacherlor's Degree.

Copy of your Post-Graduate Transcripts

MBA or equivalent.

Proof of English proficiency

TOEIC: min. 750.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

University Enrollment form

(Need to provide  at later stage). 

Photo ID

3cm x 4cm with white background / passport format.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

Proof of Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance valid for the European Community.
(Need to provide at later stage).

What are the requirements and how do I apply?


Check the requirements

You must have:
- A bachelors degree (4 years or more)
- Be fluent in English
(TOEIC 750 points required)
- Post-Graduate Certificate from IIE | Consortium Partners.
- Be able to travel to France for at least four weeks.


Submit your
online application

You can apply online. You will have to submit :
- personal and contact information;
- a CV (in English);
-upload a scanned copy of your Diploma, and;
- a copy of your passport. 
- photo ID


Schedule an interview

If your initial application is accepted, we will schedule an interview over Skype. If you are part of a University partner of the IIE Consortium that organizes the interview locally, you will be contacted by the local coordinator.



If your application is successful, you will be able to join the Master's program.


Fee can be paid in one single payment of € 6.000 or in four installments of € 1.500.*



The "Fast-Track" format Master program requires a minimum of 4 weeks presence in Europe for a series of intensive lectures and seminars.

MSc. Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Master Diploma from the University of Angers?

Yes, this is a full European Master Degree from the University of Angers.

Where can I stay at Angers

Most international students coming for a short stay at the University find accommodation through websites like AirBnb (, which offers several options usually located in or around the city center. Some, however, opt to rent privately, or find a hotel more suitable to live in.  

How far is Angers from Paris?

Angers is only 2 hours by train from Paris.
The Faculty of Business is only 15 minutes by tramway from the Train Station and 5 minutes walk from downtonw.

Do you have any type of scholarships?

No. Programs in English are not subsided by the French state.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Yes. All courses are taught by Angers professors or professionals in English.

Do I need to provide any type of proof of proficiency  English?

Yes. A TOEIC certificate with a minimum of 750 points
is requested.

Is there a cafeteria at the University?

Yes. At the University there is a Cafeteria where you can take your lunch. Light meals and snacks are available.


Professional Master in 
International Business

Université de Angers - France

Program in English
in Latin America & Europe