International Professional DBA

Program in English at the Université de Bordeaux


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program

The Best European DBA program.

The Business School (IAE) at the University of Bordeaux, in partnership with the International Institute offers the best International Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Europe, in a program designed for professionals and executives that is considered as a track of a PhD. Bordeaux's program integrates the theory and practice of actual business issues, allowing participants to be proficient in applied research so they can make sound managerial and business decisions.

During the DBA of the University of Bordeaux, professionals are not trained in solving simple managerial problems but in learning how to generate advanced knowledge either to solve problems or to understand the reasons behind a particular business phenomenon.

University of Bordeaux in numbers:

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A Doctoral Program Reinvented.

Dr. Olivier Herrbach,
Director of the Business School (IAE) of the University of Bordeaux

University of Bordeaux

Ranked among the top universities in Europe, the University of Bordeaux is renowned for the quality of its academic courses and research. Bordeaux is home to over 50,000 students and nearly 6,000 staff members.

The University also has the second largest campus in Europe.


Bordeaux's Business School

The University of Bordeaux's Business School, which is part of IAE (425,000 graduates since 1955) is recognized for its high-level teaching in management and for the quality of its research.

The Business School has more than 50 full-time professors, 39 researchers, and over 300 professionals


Welcome to Bordeaux!

Listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the city is described as
"an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble”.
Bordeaux is ranked the number #1 city in France for quality of life and is known also as the World's wine capital.


A World-Class Program
adapted to your professional life

Beyond that, the DBA Program allows doctorate students to develop these high-level skills while maintaining their career and family life. Participants who successfully complete the DBA will be equipped to work in numerous sectors, including advanced and progressive business knowledge from the prestigious University of Bordeaux.

Local courses -

Seminars are organized in a way that optimizes your time so you can still have quality time for your family and professional commitments.

2-3 weeks in Bordeaux , France

You will spend about 2,5 weeks in an intensive set of DBA seminars in France at the University of Bordeaux.

Some of Bordeaux's DBA Advantages

Bordeaux's DBA is a distinct program, ideal for international professionals.
Here are a numerous set of characteristics that makes it a unique program.

Prestigious Degree

A Diploma from the University of Bordeaux.

Practical Focus

The DBA focus on real managerial issues with practical outcomes or knowledge. 

Engaged Doctoral Students

DBA's seats are limited which allows the formation of cooperative atmosphere among the professionals. This helps to builds up motivation in exploring one's topic of interest from the beginning to the end.

Multi-Lingual & International

DBA lectures and supervision are offered in French and English, in a limited manner in Spanish. Programs are partially taught at DBA students' home country (Latin America or Asia) and two weeks and half to three weeks / year in France.

DBA Structure

Here is the description of the three years process cycle of the DBA of the University of Bordeaux:

  1. 1

    1st Year|
    Pre-DBA - Foundations Courses

    The first year is the management coursework background, which provides a solid foundation for the DBA student’s research interests.

  2. 2

    2nd Year|Proposal Defense

    This is the thesis development period with the supervision of the advisor. And, once accepted, it will be built throughout the second year, being presented later on in an international seminar.

  3. 3

    3rd Year|Thesis Defense

    The third year ends with the thesis defense.

1st Year |
Foundation Seminars Locally 

A series of DBA seminars will be conducted in your region. Meetings are usually (depends on the country/ region) one Weekend per month.

2nd Year |
Research Proposal Defense + 
2-3 Weeks in Bordeaux, France

In addition to the research proposal defense, seminars are held in Bordeaux France, usually during the month of June for 2,5 weeks (in English) . 

3rd Year |
Research Defense

You will be able to present your final DBA dissertation work.


You receive your DBA Diploma from the University of Bordeaux.

DBA Program Coursework

  • Workshop - Methodology & Professional Thesis Development

    1. Research Methodology in Management.
    - 2. Quantitative Methods Applied to Management Science.

    To understand related methodological and epistemological issues needed for the DBA dissertation. This seminar will discuss the methodological foundations and tools to be able to do a qualitative or quantitative research. This seminar should help students to identify problems on the development of hypotheses and research questions, as well as independent and dependent variables, and validity issues. Designs types of questionnaires, methodological and statistical topics. This seminars also  reviews and discusses the quantitative research methods and tools: descriptive statistics, exploratory data, probability distributions, etc. The theory and methods of statistical inference will be discussed with emphasis on how to in modeling business problems.  

  • Proposal Defense

    - Presentation of the Professional Research Proposal 

    (Pre-DBA workshop DBA students presentation)

  • Project Management ( 1 | 2 | 3 )

    This seminar covers advanced topics related to project management


  • Financial Information, Reporting & Control Systems

    This seminar covers the topics related to value creation and management accounting, financial reporting, financial statement analysis and auditing and corporate social responsibility. 

    To present the trends in managerial accounting along with an outlook on management control philosophies and capital budgets.

  • Financial Management & Financial Theory

    This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of finance designed for the study of international and multinational companies. It introduces students to the analysis of the major financial challenges that businesses face due to their international activities. 

    The main topics include financial and cost price analysis, performance ratios, financial decisions of international investment and financing, modes and techniques of international payment, and currency risk management.

  • Theory of Organisations, Strategy & Structures

    All managers are concerned with strategy to some extent or another. Strategy is about key issues for the future of organizations.

    To better understand the practical challenges of real-world and how organizations should compete in their different markets to perform, this seminar considers the two important and related contents in strategic management: the strategic position (1) and the strategic choices (2) of the organization.This seminar discusses how is it possible to define strategies for firms aligned with organizational purpose, design, structure, and. Bureaucracy.

    How power and politics impact of external environmental and internal organizational factors affects on structure and design.

  • Management of Information Systems

    This seminar highlight how the practice of each field of management is influenced by the availability and use of information. How to leverage information systems to effectively operate and grow an organization.

  • Management of Value Chain

    This seminar introduces the concept of Logistics and Supply Chain management within the Business environment. From the constantly strive to optimize logistics and operations techniques and practices the supply chain trends continue to change and find new pathways for its evolution.The emphasis of this seminar is placed on assessing and evaluating supply chain strategy, as well as understanding the concepts behind optimization techniques.

  • Intercultural Management

    This seminar is designed to introduce students to key cultural concepts and practices that are important to successfully working and multicultural teams within a global business environment. It is designed to provide both theory and practice in managing international teams focussing specially in cross-cultural communication across countries. This seminar will be introducing concepts of culture, cross-cultural competencies, managing multicultural teams and global projects, and facilitating negotiation practices with colleagues and customers from different countries. It shall also discuss the culture of organizations and types in different countries.

  • Management of Human Resources, Communication & leadership

    People are our most important asset.” This sentence is often found, in CEO speeches. If Most people recognize how important HR is achieving a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage—acknowledged as the company’s success is made by people. So, this seminar introduces the challenges in contemporary employer-employee relations, define the building blocks of an HR strategy and helps to understand the major features of HR planning, staffing, and training. This seminar develops an understanding of the role strategic human resource management in a firm’s success, along with knowledge of the basic functions of human resource management, current practices, and issues.

  • International Economic Environment

    The interconnected political and economic structures of the world are undergoing enormous change. In this seminar will be discussed key elements related questions concerning the European and the global economy. It includes topics related to world trade globalization dynamic, analyse international financial integration dynamic, a analyse macroeconomic policies in eurozone and impact in the World.

  • Marketing and Commerce in the International Context

    The Market Research course is designed to provide professionals an understanding and appreciation of the fundamental concepts of Marketing and Market Research. Marketing decision-making is a process that is essentially wrapped around the fundamental goal of creating value for customers in the marketplace. In order to create value for customers, business professionals must understand the needs and wants of customers and clearly identify what motivates them. A primary goal of this course is to provide a thorough familiarity with available tools and techniques used to gather and analyse macro and micro market data.


DBA Supervision

DBA supervision uses today's technology and meetings; feedback is done using digital technologies as well as in-person meetings when professors travel.

Skype Meetings

Skype meetings are pre-scheduled through out the year for easier planning for professionals.

Google Docs Feedback

In addition to meetings with Skype, GoogleDoc audio / text feedback is given as research work progresses.


Presential Meeting Globally

In-person meetings also occur as professors travel internationally and DBA students come for a short time to Bordeaux.

Application | Enrollment 

Here are the application's steps

1st Step |
Online Application

You can apply for the DBA program online. You will be asked to submit online:

-Personal and contact information- CV (in English)

2nd Step | Interview

If the review of your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview, in English (presencial or Skype) .

3rd Step |
Research Proposal and Documents

- MSc. or MBA Diploma
- Bachelors Degree Diploma
- Passport
- Summary of Research Proposal with motivation letter.

4th Step - Acceptance

You join the program being able to do the Pre-DBA program. 

Small groups

Great group exchanges is possible to the limited group sizes.

Image Image Image


DBA program has a 3 years duration. Fees include Pre-DBA Seminars, Doctoral Seminars in Bordeaux, Supervision and DBA Diploma from the University of Bordeaux. There is no additional costs. 

Fee doesn't include travel related costs.

DBA Bordeaux

per month in 24 installments.

  • or € 18.000
            in one single payment.

International DBA

Prof. Albergarias. President IPMA BR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Diploma from the University of Bordeaux?

Yes, the DBA is a Diploma from the University of Bordeaux.

When can I apply?

Applications can be done any time. Usually groups are formed once or twice a year (depending on the location) .

Lectures are given also in my region ?

Seminars outside Europe are mainly given in Russia, Latin America (available for students from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay), and Asia (Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan). In Brazil, DBA seminars are given in two cities: Rio and São Paulo

Do I need to have prior work experience?

Yes. Since the DBA program is focused on practical managerial topics with executive decision, a 5-10 year relevant work experience is required.

Can I extend the DBA if I don't conclude in 3 years time?

Yes, however additional fees apply.

Is this a DBA or PhD Program?

This is a DBA program for professionals with a practical focus only.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the program?

No. The fee is non-refundable. If any installments have been set, they will continue to be due. DBA groups are by nature smaller to allow better interaction and greater productivity for all. If a student decides to withdraw, the fee cannot be refunded, since the costs of the program have already been incurred.

What is the official language of the program?

English is the official language of the program. French is also accepted for dissertation purposes as well as Spanish (depending on the subject and availability of professors from Bordeaux who are fluent in Spanish.)