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A Dynamic Pool of
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to the International Institute of Education Consortium.


An Internationally-Driven Dynamic Network

The International Institute works as a Consortium, that is, in a cooperative format. Partners count on a dynamic network of renowned institutions in different continents to take joint initiates to foster active international cooperation.

The Consortium is able helps to minimize bureaucracy in international education by creating synergies, joint efforts and collaborations.

Through (1) International Higher Education Program development (LMD and extension), (2) Research (partner Labs and Chairs) or (3) Events,  
partners are able to enhance their local initiatives. So, when an institution proposes a project research or program, as it echoes on the network worldwide, the project gets additional strength due to joint efforts and international collaboration. 


A major trend in International
Higher Education

According to the British Council, the next decade herald significant change and Universities that will incorporate new models of dynamic partnerships are the ones who will be benefiting the most from the opportunities that will come ahead. 

Programs, Research Collaboration and Events.

Through these three axes of actions, (1) programs, (2) research and (3) events, professors within the consortium are able to benefit from the network for the implementation or development of the projects internationally, but with solid partners.

The International Institute help professors to create successful international links and projects to students can enrich their education with other renowned universities abroad and Universities can benefit from promoting or joining  international research and other initiatives.

Strong International Alliances.

Partners benefits connections with other strong international partners creating innovative alliances around the globe.

Promoting local project abroad.

If a partner institution has a local research project or international program that it would like to promote within the network, the network is a great channel to promote the program internationally at no costs.

Financing International Projects & Research.

The International Instituto also allocates funds at specific partner's labs and Chairs to promote scientific research, seminars and events that promotes international education and ways to create a more sustainable environment. In the past five years, there was more than 60 professors' mobility worldwide.

An Active International Alliance

The Consortium counts with around twenty active Institutions worldwide.
They include IMI Kolkata- India (former IMD Switzerland), IGR - Université de Rennes, Pontifica Universidade Católica - MG (PUC-MG), Universidade de Americas, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), University of California (Irvine, CA Ext), Université de Paris Nanterre, Université de Tours, Université de Angers, IAE Université de Bordeaux, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), IPMA-BR, Chart Université Paris 8, Positive Business Chair - University of Paris, Neumann Business School, Universidad Tarapaca,  etc. Here are other institutional highlights:


Jindhal Global University

With a state-of-the-art Campus in New Delhi, JGU University has the number 1 ranked Law program in India and in Asia. It also has a prestigious Business School with a international pool of professors teaching there.

Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

With more than 120.000 students, the University of São Paulo is considered equivalent to the «Harvard» of Latin America. It is also ranked the number one University in Brazil and in Latin America.

University of Paris | Assas - Ciffop

The University of Paris is one of the oldest University and prestigious institutions. The Ciffop has a Top-Ranked Master and Doctoral program in Business, mainly with focus on Human Resources Management.

International Seminars and Events

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2019 Conference
Lima, Rio & Paris

Members can participa in a cycle of international conference in 2019 about the use of Digital Technology, how they are transforming, society, business, and individual well-being.
The conference is an opportunity to participate and learn latest insights on research on technology use, how to integrate with sustainable practices and well-being.